Inspired HDR video

Here is a very interesting video showing HDR video which is I think maybe a first cause HDR is know for photography but here they used 2 Canon 5D mark2 with attached to a beam splitter so they are able to with the same angle with two camera's at once. However it does not look very realistic in some shots however its kinda a special effects, certain directors or cinematographers might want to get in the future. However might see future software developement able to directly film hdr.

You might say how would software combine 2 images for a hdr. The future way to film hdr is that the camera films double the ammount of frames. Instead of like 30 frames it will do 60 frames with 30 a bit under exposed and 30 over exposed with ISO differences and able to combine the images to become HDR 30 frames movie. However the current DSLR developement if they would add 60p and if the processor speed can handle processing each frames different to do HDR. But I think either it will happen to small pocket camera's or the pro video camera's first before it would hit the DSLR unless some brand read this and tries it as a new gimmick.