Ladybug spreading wings from 2008

This is actually from a ladybug photoset I shot in 2008 however I never saw this awesome shot cause it was totally under exposed, now few years further and experience in photography and editing I saw the picture in my collection and tried to edit the photo so you can see the great image. This photo was taken way before I had an DSLR, its actually shot with an Konica Minolta Z5. Here above you see the full picture and below a crop of it both edited to look less under exposed.
Too bad I didn't had the photography skills that I now have back then. However I have to say its still a nice shot. Also special about it is that I did not took silly picture of just a ladybug just walking normally, I wanted to have it wings spread and had a certain technique to make this shot. Involving a the room to be dark and a light source that attracted the ladybug and every time it wanted to fly it would spread it wings for a second before it flew, and just had to turn of the light before it would fly to keep the ladybug in place.

I might want to print one of the other lady bug picture on canvas which I had blogged about it before. Which was lid very well however the focus was very shallow and focused only on the eyes of the ladybug while it spreads it wings. I am sure there are not allot of picture of a Ladybug spreading it wings and I am the only one with allot of them.