Car vs Motorcycle accident!

Today went to the hospital to visit my dad who had gotten ill last friday. But on the way home we had to make a detour cause the street was blocked off, cause it was close to where live just few streets away, I went home got my camera and bike and cycled to the accident.
I first though the car rolled over cause I only saw one side first, then from the other side could clearly seen the motorcycle with allot parts on the ground and also biker clothing and helmet.
From looking at the car damage and where the bike is, I have to say the bike had hit the side of the car and flew on top and over the car. And looking on how far the bike landed, the bike might had been riding a bit too fast. However from the signs on the road the car should had let the bike pass.
The picture were shot with Canon EOS 550D T2i with Vivitar f2.8 35-85mm lens with an m42 adapter with AF confirm chip and picturestyle used was Kodachrome. Too bad didn't took the 70-200mm lens instead cause there were few things I saw that would made a very cool shot. Am pretty much having hit or miss with grabbing the correct lens but atleast learned next time if a place lined off with a pretty big distance use a 70-200 and not any shorter.


Anonymous said…
hmm cool shot? You sound a bit heartless, what happened to the people in the car and the motorcyclist?
Chung Dha said…
When I arrived they were busy with investigation of what happend, the people in the car and rider of the motorcycle have already been taken away by the ambulance.

Heartless what do you mean? Mostly want to strive for the best photo.