How to wire a DSLR for audio

Here above is a schematic how to wire your DSLR camera for audio recording and playback and also for enabling to record with two microphones on separate channels. If you wonder what an RCA cable is, look at the video below where I will show each component and how to plug them together and into the camera.

Actually RCA cables are easier to find than stereo to mono splitters but also with these cables I can do more, however have to say you will have allot of ables hanging from your camera to get to use the AGC hack. But you can bunch them together neatly into a nice small package. Hopefully Canon will release a new firmware with the AGC control for 550d, so we don't have to use this setup too much or use Magic lantern which actually have allot of flaws, so you have to consider if you really think its worth it cause it might break your camera. But I really would like to get a wireless mic to record with, but the biggest thing at the moment I wish for is the AGC control.


Anonymous said…
what is the diagram upper RCA cable for - if you plug the mic into the first female RCA - would it not be the same? And if you wanted to switch channels you could just replace connected devices on first RCA? Do I understand it right?

Also - do you think it will work with azden smx-10 mic that is stereo? I bought it for 7D and then the AGC issue came up - already used just splitter for mp3 input and mic but it turns it into a constant beep. Also bought 2 stereo to mono jack adapters and no change.

If anything this is going to be my last try!