Low light ISO testing my 55mm f1.2

Self portrait
I just wanted to test my f1.2 some more before I go into giving a total review about this lens. Especially I have to say this is mostly a lens build for low light and not really taking pictures in sunny situations and have nice dof. So here is a video where I am using a very cheap 2 euro bicycle light with 2 LEDs to light myself up and showing different ISO but still on the same speed and aperture.

Have to say it is an interesting lens cause where you over expose it will do something interesting it will actually add kind off softness filter on its own, which allot of people hate, but I find it interesting. Also need to test it further out with more low light test plus also some test to get rid of the softness using filters.

Also I am now rendering my videos different, before used WMV render which caused allot of detail lost in the smaller versions on Youtube while HD still had all the details. Now rendering in Photo JPEG MOV which is much higher detailed also did this in full HD but next video will be normal HD again cause it was a huge file of 2GB which I had to upload and took too much time.