Olympus OM to Canon EF adapter review


Olympus OM lenses are quite good especially way better quality then most other lenses I have and also the design of the lens is pretty. Only bad is looks somewhat too small cause the diameter is even smaller than the adapter. And have to say Olympus lenses in Holland are bit rare or if there are sold allot people would bid pretty high prices for it. 50mm f1.2 and 50mm f1.4 is so hard to find even 2nd hand here, luckily I found a small old camera shop in Schiedam, who still had it and just had to buy it even though. Especially I didn't want to get another 50mm f1.8 cause I wanted to see how different f1.4 is to f1.8. Also the mount was quite hard to find, in the Netherlands, I had to order one online though.

Have to say I haven't use the Olympus that much especially I can't get my hand on a filter, cause the filter thread is 49mm which nowadays allot of stores don't sell its bit of an oddball size. Cause other filter threads are mostly 52mm,55mm for the 50mm lenses. However I now own 3x 50mm lenses with f1.4 I need to test them all and make a decision which to keep. Even though they are nice lenses have to say rather sell it off and use the money for something else.