Quick tip shoulder rig

Actually I had all these parts already in Hong Kong but never had place them together into this configuration back then. Actually had bought the flash bracket so it was possible to use the flashmount of that on the monopod and attach an microphone to it, so I could use my monopod as a microphone boom. And the mini tripod came free with my pico projector and I bought a monopod just to film more steady shots plus also less tiring when filming long performances than holding the camera for a long time. Also not all event have allot of space for you to use an big tripod. Simple easy rig to get more steady shots and also moving shots. However have to say using this setup is less about focusing but getting more steady moving camera from one place to the other while still filming and also able to stand still.

However I don't really use this setup at all, cause have tried it at few events and you have to look out not to bump into someone cause of the rig, and its not only with this shoulder rig but all the rigs. Also I rather film with nice fast lenses and it means you have to refocus the lens allot and also make allot of very short shots of nice things. Mainly its not that really useful for most events.

However this setup might be more useful for filming movie or documentary and bit run and gun( shooting stuff both standing still plus on the move). However I have to say using a shoulder rig is more about showing off that you are filming, instead of doing photography and especially at party events when you are not walking around with a rig, people would think you are a photographer and they would ask you to take a picture.

PS: Also don't show up at an event when you are hired with a DIY PVC rig its just not professional, at least put some effort into it to show more professionalism with either this rig or real shoulder rig.