Setting up for a new short movie!!!

I am now trying to gather a crazy amount of extras for a certain scene. It going to be fun and for sure hopefully get a great crazy scene out of it. Also hoping to promote more filming in Rotterdam and film more people interested or actors or even a crew in Rotterdam, so there would be more films made in Rotterdam, cause since I am back in Holland every movie that is shot or any camera jobs have all been in Amsterdam. Even the 48hours Project in Utrecht team I joined ended up filming in Amsterdam.

While Rotterdam is a super city with allot special new architecture compared to Amsterdam which only have allot of tourist attractions and very old fashioned look, cause for me Rotterdam has its own charm which is much better than Amsterdam. I have to say I have seen about enough movies that are filmed in Amsterdam and mostly give a picture of Holland to have old houses or only rich people in villas in Wassenaar or de Gooi and that the rest lifes in old house.

Another interesting thing is that Who am I with Jacky Chan was filmed in Rotterdam and which is mainly only film I remember that is filmed in Rotterdam, can't recall any other titles that were shot in Rotterdam. However I have to say there are a few odd stuffs in that movie especially scenes shot in Holland and said that it was in Africa. Especially the Koopgoot where they drive through with a rally car and also a part was shot on the route I walked daily for several year going to school. Also was able to see Jacky Chan in person which was kinda awesome.

Hopefully I can get enough people, however I have to say I planned it well ahead of time giving me about 2 weeks to gather enough people. The other factor is that I am in Holland and same for England the damn rainy weather. Hopefully its going to stay dry on 20-21 November which most is planned now, however the coming Monday I should be able to see the weather forecast and hopefully its dry.

Hopefully able to gather people using social media and some advertisements, but have to say Dutch social media ain't doing well compared to the ads.