Why use a follow focus on a DSLR?

For a while I have been looking at the new DSLR gear for filming, but have learned from my own experience most of them are far to absurd to buy, not only cause of the cost cause mainly you don't really need it. There is much mystery about a follow focus people say it improves your stability and you can easily rack focus from one point to the other. The fact is when you are filming you are watching the screen and focus by seeing if it is in focus or not and not paying much attention to the rest. And a normal use of a follow focus is normally on a film set with a 2 man operation. Find out more in the video below.

I found people are way too much depending on gear which would improve the filming, while totally do not seek experience and learning the proper technique. I was lucky enough to have learn techniques from photography before I went into film. Able to learn proper use of a DSLR and also proper use of DSLR for filming. I have to say even though people buy a DLSR for filming I would advice to learn the proper techniques of photography too, cause photography basically is the base for filming.


ojjj said…
Well, for event work, it's pretty useless, but what about narrative stuff? I can totally picture a situation were you are filming with a couple of friends without having a focus puller. A follow focus would still come in handy, if you've planned out the scene well, and you are skilled enough, to execute it, no?

Otherwise, i agree. To me, filming IS photography. Some kind of extended photography.And i also LOVE to take stills :)
rpltyler said…
Hmm, I disagree completely, You obviously come from a photographic background. Although I have done many photography courses in my time, my main field of study has been film. Having a follow focus drastically adds to a dslr rig. Yes your focus is mainly on the screen, but a simple whip can fix this. Photographic lenses generally have incredibly shallow depths of field compared to other cameras. This is great, but also makes filming tricky when trying to keep your audience focused on a specific subject/event. Photographic lenses were not designed to be used for filming, there focus rings act differently to those of a "professional" film rig. Adding a follow focus helps with this, and is an essential piece of kit for any film maker shooting with DSLR's.

If you want to complain about the price on these, feel free to spend 15k+ on borderline professional film camera without any lenses. then you will see just how cheap a DSLR rig can be, spending 7k on your dslr is cheap compared to what you would have to spend on a pro camera.