David Lynch entry

Here is a video where I helped out with the sketchy graphics which are in shot for just about few seconds which shows a certain attribute of a certain person. And like in a video game when you defeat an enemy you would be able to get more attributes. Was great working with Arne again hope to do even more, kinda the first time we worked together in Holland, while before was just in Hong Kong. Hopefully while he is still in Holland we can make some more awesome videos.

Video Entry for the David Lynch film competition HQ from Arne Venema on Vimeo.

An individual steals ideas and identities, yet he's not the only one playing the game. Someone knows.

Director: Arne Venema
Cinematographer: Arne Venema
Editor: Arne Venema
Graphics: Emma Moosa / Jona Chung Dha Lam
Make Up: Max Lam

Killer - Kirt Kishita
Victim 1 - Harry Du Young
Victim 2 - Neil Brown
Victim 3 - Mike Chan
Victim 4 - Joe Fiorello
Black Figure -Emma Moosa

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