Dutch systems is horrible

Dutch government are fucking annoying in making fill forms, that have to invent new and difficult to understand names for stuff instead of just using the plain normal original existing word. Like Citizen service number which is basically your sofi number. And basically on your id card or passport is says person number. Also so stupid making stuff non compatible. Basically should just say person number on your ID or passport on all instead of making up new names cause they have a new system. Basically also the same with filling in tax forms, basically they could just saw what they meant but they have to invent all kinds of difficult names in the forms, basically if you have not studied accountancy you would not understand a single thing it says. You basically almost have to got to a course to learn how to fill in just a plain simple form.

Also so horrible with chip cards, basically I ordered a chip card from the NS website and now I want to get like a discount membership but they say my card is not from them, like WTF I basically ordered from their site but it is not theirs? Also you have to have 20 euro minimum on your card or else you can't travel at all or if you got a membership its 10 euro minimum. Which is first very annoying, cause you know you have the money on your card but you would never be able to use those that money at all, especially the trip I have to make to Rotterdam cost like 3 or 4 euro. While in HK you can basically use every single bit of money on your card. And damn why cant they just also add paying option at the shops on the stations, I would love to got to the shops and quickly pay with the chip card especially pay quick so I can quickly go to my train.

Also have to basically get another card and extra pay for it to get that membership. Its not that they can just add the function to my existing OV chip card cause it is not theirs. Which actually makes it annoying to have multiple cards. The stupid system is non compatible which is so stupid. Also stupid only place you can add money on to your card is at certain stations but basically when you live in cities without train station you cant really add money to your cards. However now saw few new buses which have like a small thing to load money on your card, but still rather able to go to any shop and could ad money to my card, just like in Hong Kong.

Basically they just had to take over an existing system which have been done well and they still can fuck it up making it horribly difficult and easy to go wrong. Also with the gates they made are so annoying cause first the are made so horribly full of mechanics that can break at so many places instead of having it simple as existing ones other countries use. The fucking doors closes and open by sensors and basically you have to check in and wait for them to open and when you walk through you have to be fast otherwise it closes up suddenly which is so fucking annoying. Also I donno why but the cards can't handle the interference of my pin cards when trying to check in so I have to freaking pull the whole cards out of my wallet before I can check in while in Hong Kong never had to pull the whole cards out and could just put my wallet against the sensor.

Basically the conclusion Holland just suck they have good ideas and Industrial design educations but hopeless in putting stuff to use. Mainly making stuff to difficult and unable to get the best out of it. Also Holland is like the country that receives the latest tech as the last one, mostly have to wait or cross the borders to get stuff earlier, cause found out Germany and France get allot stuff much earlier and also have totally different stuff placed on the market. Mostly special things I want to buy have order outside the country to get it.