First filmset injury!!!

Haven't posted in a while cause have been busy with allot of projects and also movies. Last few days filmed a short film with students and its quite great and allot of fun. Also got my first injury on a film set, I stepped off an very wobbly chair and I got the LCDVF smacked in my face. Now got a cut right above my nose. Only accident that happened today, also all 3 cars got a fine for parking.

It wasnt my first time I got onto a roof in Holland however it was the first one in the city of Rotterdam and it was quite a nice view. However filming it was a bit different cause what you learn that filming with DOF and blurry background would make the scene looks more cinematic, however the problem is when the background is blurred person in the shot could be anywhere and would not even think it it shot on a roof. And with such nice scenery its was actually better to have everything in focus including the background, however the special think making the shots looks special was that we used the 16mm most of the time, which on the 550d was equivalent to a 24mm. Also using a wide angle is very nice for some dynamic steadicam shots, which turnout quite awesome. However using super wide angle lenses cause bit problem that it can be so wide that the boom mic got caught in frame and had to retake. And that why I love the existence of lavaliers, which I quite unsure why people dont like to use them.

I pretty much like the indy style how this production is doing with allot of creative freedom. Hopefully next week with the other team would go well too. However this week the director is one of the students and next week is a director who graduated from film academy is Australia. However hopefully not to demanding type of person especially they want to have a field monitor setup which is kinda annoying especially I am kinda of cinematographer who like to do allot of dynamic shots where I prefer having as much room to move without having things and cables in my way. I am probably least of the bunch of people who have to be directed on a set.

Tomorrow be last day before the wrap and hopefully the weather is going to stay the same especially for the continuity of the shots. But have to say going the stuff shots to now are pretty great and also tomorrow going to do some very special shots which are probably very expensive on real film sets to do but we are going to do it on a low budget style tomorrow with the same great effect. Actually cant wait to see the premier of this movie cause its going to have great cinematography.