Focal length comparison

This is mostly a test for me to test how different things would look with a longer lens plus I also wanted to know if you would get less light in the lens with longer focal lengths while still having the same aperture.

Test concluded you will get a slight light loss, when using longer lens like 70mm and further. Also as you might have seen I am now using a light setup again but now in the living room where I got black curtain which could be used as a total black background. What is it wonderful to have a house decorated so you would have nice big white wall and black curtains. Only thing still missing a big green wall.

Actually used one big 160LED work light and a reflector for this, however need to find a stand for the work light so I can put it higher up. The work light is pretty cheap like 30euro but its very directional and need to be diffused by bouncing it of a reflector. Actually the brightest side in this vid is not cause by direct light but the light bouncing of the reflector. However this is way too much of an unnatural studio look cause the lights are from a far to low angle. Yesterday gotten a 2nd LED160 light so can do even better setup, might do the white wall setup again.