Art For Art 29 Jan 2011

Last Saturday 29 Jan 2011 was the big Art For Art pilot event where allot of people had worked for to make it happen, too bad the school which would had cooperated with was way too lazy not knowing that real life management is tough and need to work day and night calling people and organizing stuff. Also during this event was a short movie I wrote/filmed/edited for this event. The image above is the major doing the opening speech of the event, too bad the lighting was bit off, the table should had been one meter back cause his face is really oddly lighted with a big shadow in the middle.
The person who have made this all possible was Marlies van Amerongen also is the producer of the short movie, she is in the picture above on the right. The main event of the night was actually the auction which didn't went all that well but at least there were some sells also my artwork was auctioned.
And of course the premier of the short movie Mastermind. It was bit of an oddball production, not everything went that well and smooth but mainly learned on who you can count on and personally myself on the production side of trying to get hands on borrowed equipments and casting in Holland. So watch the whole movie here below, it was filmed just in 2 days and mainly the sound production side used the most time. For the rest did not use any special movie coloring mostly just white balancing out some shots that were shot without having the white balance correct and mainly color filters on the lights for certain color effects.

However I am not quite happy with the full results also kinda mad about myself by not writing in my usual style. But have to say, could use this as a pilot and write a much better script, especially during editing I thought missing allot of scenes that could have been added and try to find someone to finance it to be a better financed short or a feature film.


Alex Cheung said…
Good job Chungdha, congrats with the art piece you sold at the auction. Making a good film needs a lot and of course hope for the best. There are always problems which are out of your hands, just try to be creative.