Cheap Rotolight LED ringlight review

I have bought one of these a long while ago and actually had it dismantles and already sawed so I could place it around one of my lenses. However during the move to the new house lost or not sure where I place some of the parts. However finally found another one on the internet. Seem no stores sells it anymore in Holland which is so weird. However I was almost going to get a Rotolight cause was convinced by vids that it was a good light but actually I did extra research on the LED lights and found out that the Rotolight is actually based on the 48LED camping or tent light which cost less then 10 bucks while the Rotolight cost more than 100 bucks. The design is totally the same just one difference it that Rotolight has filters.

My advice is to get the tent light is basically the same, same design and same amount of LED and same amount of batteries used. So if you want to get something like a Rotolight or LED ring light search online for 48 LED camping or tent light and you will find the cheap version. And it is super bright and a very great small light to carry around. Its a nice light for an interview or just to get a music video look.

For those who are lazy to Google or search Ebay, here below is a link to the Cheap version of the Rotolight on Ebay.