Focal length comparison between full and crop frame

5Dmk2/7D lens comparison test from Mike Collins on Vimeo.

Probably allot of beginning cinematographer or photographers never though about it but there is allot of difference having a full frame or a crop frame even more of a difference if you have a micro4/3 sensor. The big thing is that with the same lens not only is there a difference between the cropped framing, but also difference in Depth of field and distance of the camera placement.

Mainly I can put a full frame or a 35mm sensor much closer up to the subject I want to film, there by also able to get a much thinner DOF cause the subject is even closer to the camera. While if I want to film with a cropped frame I have to stand further away for the same shot with the same lens, while making the DOF thicker ( cause as you know the further away the subject the bigger the DOF and furthest point it will be infinity where everything is in focus).

However not only is the DOF much prettier but also you can place the camera much closer to your subject meaning you can film in a much more confined area, like inside a car or an elevator. But also mean you can get nice big wide shots. While a crop frame now sound really bad its, not mostly mean you have to pay for expensive lenses to able to get it as wide as a full frame. But the better thing with a crop is that you can get better tele shots from a far away distance cause you actually am zoomed in much closer. And with a 4/3 even more, but sports this is a wonder full thing but filming inside a house it is very horrible.