Hoek van Holland with Olympus 50mm f1.4

Today went to take day off at Hoek van Holland haven't done this for a while just go outside with a camera and take pictures and hone ones skill of photography and cinematography. Have to say I did brought a monopod with me but that was more to film myself and actually should have brought the manfrotto one. Didn't brought my LCDVF so most picture were pretty much out of focus but still got allot of decent photo's out of it with trying to focus by eye even with the tiny viewfinder of the 550D. Also could had brought a nd filter for getting better exposures of the sky.
Also have to say all the photo's are heavily photoshopped afterwards with curves. Which I find a better tool than Level while most schools teach using levels to do color correction, while with curves you can easier alter the colors in certain ranges which make it possible to retain or gain more details or get more dynamic range back.
The f1.4 is very nice with a thin dof and causes nice bokeh, if you stop down would see and octagon shaped boked. The lens turning from close focus to infinity is very long and need to rotate alot, its very hard to rack focus cause of it. Also wide open it have a kind of softness glow in places with a certain color or over exposure. But the lens is pretty sharp when you get the exposure correct.
Above you will see there is a soft colored glow which is caused by the sun and cause it is setting it is colored. But have to say it gives a nice effect in this picture but there might be moment it could be annoying especially if its a white glow.
Even though the 50mm is equal to a 80mm on the 550D its a great portrait lens is still possible get a nice landscape pictures and especially holding the lens for portrait to get a better feel of depth. There is no distortion so everything look more correct shaped and see good horizontal or vertical lines.

But have to say sometimes its just not wide enough especially using this lens at home the camera have to stand pretty far away. And most if you film inside a house you need to be able to move the furniture to make space for it. And for event photography its not likely you would use this for taking group photos of more than 2 persons. Cause you have to stand like 6 meters away which is not likely that you would get that much space at events. The lens is pretty great at night and can get allot of light on the sensor and able to keep the ISO low. Will make a review vid of this lens very soon and hopefully you like the picture in this post. Mostly what I learned of this is that I need to take more stuff with we like ND filter and lcdvf cause now gotten more pro and need to produce better things. Also learn to respect the curve tool more than before and it does much better job than the level tool.