LCDVF 3/2 for 550D t2i review

The LCDVF is really something I can not leave at home when I am filming or taking photos during the day, cause mostly during the day it is very hard to see what is on your viewfinder. Also you can add brightness but the problem with that is that the picture of view is lighter making you think what you film or photograph is that bright but when you are at home you would see everything it shot too dark.

I would recommend to buy one its the cheapest of all the brands and it quite a good one. I think the expensive ones are just too expensive en overly expensive cause the materials used are not that much and could be much cheaper. Also you need to buy an eyecup which is a soft cushion which is nicer then the rubber but also make it able to breath so the glass would not fog up. Cause often had to hold it against my head with slight opening so able to let the moister out.

For those in Holland having problems finding one, go to which does have it and for quite a nice price plus allot of other nice camera and video gear.