My Dearest Mastermind

Saturday this weekend January 29th will be a premier of a short movie I did for the event of Art for Art. Last Sunday around 21.19 we wrapped up the last shot even though last night I had to make a pick up shot for the title ending. Its not the first movie script I wrote but I kinda made the mistake of over wanting to have a good ending instead of my usual script that the protagonist would die or fail in something. Really in the editing found that I should had written it in my usual style.

However the movie is not that bad and it could be a nice pilot to making something much bigger and better out of it. I think I will do a rewrite of the script though cause mainly had so much ideas after doing the editing. Especially was a great experience and learned allot especially production calling allot of people and trying to organize plus trying to get extra equipments.

Have to thank Marlies for setting up the event Art for Art making it possible, also thanks to the Cast and Crew coming to the set on such a short notice.

If you wonder about where or during what event it premiers, its actually an anti human trafficking event where we try to raise money for a good cause against human trafficking. Mainly the short movie is about a certain topic that is not really known which is selling illegal donors which is stolen out of healthy people. Also trying to give people info about such happenings. Also will be auctions of different artworks by artist, celebs and even I will place an art piece for it. For more info visit