Vivanco EM35 + Canon 550D magic lantern

Its a cheap mic I bought at MediaMarkt which I thought might be very bad or ok but it came out to be fairly good. And mostly I really rather use this lavalier mic than using the shotgun or the build in mic. Cause the build in one record too much environment sound and shotgun on the camera often stands bit to far and set on directional it gets a slight hiss seem the hiss is caused by the mic itself. The sound is quite good, too bad the sound in the replay on my camera does not really show how good it is and only really can check if after placing it on my computer. I though I might had peaked and had talked too loud cause on the camera could hear some sound that was peaked but on my laptop everything sounds actually quite good and loud enough. I have to say I do recommend if you are going film yourself for a review to use a lavalier cause it give you 2 hands to move with and the sound is just much better.