Sensible Digital Cinema: The Arri Alexa

A very funny video showing the Arri Alex however I have not used it or even seen the real thing, I can say it is quite easy to go through the settings. If you view the vid you can see the simple menu, plus also you can visit the Arri Alexa website and play with the menu in a online simulator. Also great that there are now more companies competing in the 4K competitions and also making them more manageable sizes and weight cause the RED ONE was one giant heavy camera which only useful on a tripod, dolly or crane. You had to be a super strong to try to hand held one and need to use a special harness to be able too. You can view a behind the scenes vid showing how the Alexa is behind used and handheld which shows how they use it and able to hand held it or use it on a steadicam.