LED 48 Ring light comparison

I finally got another version and I have to say its like 10 times better while it is just few dollars more. The battery is much better in place and the light is nice white instead of being slightly blueish. Watch the vid of the comparison below.

From the test the conclusion its just better to spend a little bit more and get a much better light. I have to say it does take like 3 weeks to be send from Hong Kong to Europe but its quite worth the wait and it is not an expensive light and it does the job really well.

If you want to buy it off Ebay click here, but be sure to read the specifications that it uses only 3 AA batteries and not 4.


Unknown said…

Can You tell me from which exact seller did You buy this ring light?

Your link to eBay is to Tent Umbrella Light - without mount for mini tripod.

Can You mount it on shotgun microphone?

Thx for quick reply.
Best Regards.
Chung Dha said…
xidiananna, but I think she is on vacation at the moment, got a message from her being on vacation and her product list has been emptied. But think you could also search for ufo led 3aa which also show one with only using 3aa batteries.
Anonymous said…
You did a really good job on this review, thank you.