7up? Lemon, lime & bubbles?

Ok, I am truly confused by this can especially it is saying 7up but I know how the latest 7up should look like, but this says it is from Seven-Up International. This can of 7up is actually imported from Germany where is is produced and does have the legit Ball packaging logo. However the graphic design has nothing in common with the standard 7up graphics nor the logo. Now I went and checked online for the website and its seems that Europe will have a different Seven Up look than compared wit America. If you checked 7up.com you will find they sporty American design, but checking 7up.nl or 7up.de you will find the European version. I have to say they styling on the website looks cool, but have to say the graphics on this can looks just crazy cheap, but probably cause this can is a German design and the Dutch will have a much different look while still have almost equal new 7up Logo. Also the UK has a total different logo than the American or European design.

I have to say probably cause it is German import and I know their style is less graphic more typo, so the can kinda fits their taste. Hope the Dutch version would look better though, especially slightly altered logo with photo's of the lemon and lime added. But have to say the counter part from America still looks much better though.  This just feels and looks very cheap compared to the older styling. Mostly the logo looks just too simplistic.

Not really much of a taste change maybe a very very slight hint of lime in there but not really noticeable unless you are really searching for it.