Monster Energy Shot / Review

Monster energy shots, its quite new while there were some Red Bull shots sold in Holland but never really catched on cause it just a tiny bottle and not really much to drink if you are thirsty.

First thing is really  small a 90ml bottle while the can counter part which is 500ml which is allot to drink. However the energy shots are probably more aimed at athletes which drink this to get an energy boost. While not really much for consumer use unless your hobby is doing marathon runs and any extreme sports.

However from seeing how the Red Bull shots are sold now, its a bit strange cause they are selling at fast food shops train stations. Hardly much aiming at athletes. While mostly people be rather buying coffee or the big can or just bottles of water or cola at the shops of the train station. Also nice container to keep or re-use. Especially for when you are jogging and don't want to carry a huge bottle nor a camel bag, this small bottle fits nice in your hands to run around with it.

From Monster Energy you can basically expect awesome use of their logo and keeping the rest as simple as possible. The bottle shape is pretty simplistic and good size to hold, however it basically very much small size to fit in most waist bags. Also their are certain waist bags for small water containers which this should fit in too.

Have to say its not really much of a refreshing drink, mostly same as most energy shots mostly got a high glucose taste which is mainly the energy. It got a very slight taste of the Monster energy but not really strong. If I have to compare the taste to anything else, I would say its like drinking some cough syrup. I have to say its not a refreshing drink, mostly you need to combine it with water to rinse out the glucose taste from your mouth like most energy shots. Mainly got experience drinking energy shots and stuff from my cycling days. Basically if you are doing some intensive training I would use it when my energy feels low to boost it up. But not drink it as some soda pop, also recommended not to drink more than just one a day, cause its a high concentration of energy.