Unboxing my prize from Tetra Pak

Actually entered the competition just for fun, was not thinking I would win it at all. But suddenly got an email from them saying I am the winner! Well actually its an awesome edition to add to my gear and especially I can use this while I am traveling just making it less boring. Actually thought they would send me a black iPad two, but its much better they send me a white one plus a smart cover with a print of their own website. Really got to give thanks to Tetra Pak choosing me as their winner. If you live in Europe and want to win an iPad 2 too go to www.tetrapak.com/life and compete in the competition.


Sofia said…
I won a Ipad too! It's so amazing! I haven't got the prixe yet but soon I'll get it. I'm from Sweden so I think it's good that the manual is swedish, haha :D
Have a great time with your Ipad!