IPad wallpaper

Here is a new wallpaper I did for my iPad plus also my laptop. Mostly wanted to get back into my flow with this cause I remember I always had my own wallpaper design of my logo but somehow had lost that in the recent years so now made a new one. Cause before I had the L logo designed by myself which stand for Lazy_Tjai which was my first nickname which I though of and worked on tons of gp500 and motogp game textures under that name.

But now new one reflect back to my real name which is Chung Dha and basically all that I do is for me and to improve myself even inside a team, I need to still think of the goal to achieve by myself and can not rely on others as others may not have the same knowledge or level. Just I have to do my part the best that I can , don't care about the rest cause they be just dragging me down unless they up the game each time I do.

At the moment working with certain people with a fucked up workflow cause literally am getting the stuff that should be done weeks ago handed to me at the last moment and also don't have a real overview of the project and can not take over the control which I normally would do. Mainly the whole project is missing a giant important briefing with all the dates and deadlines and more, so everybody working on it know what needs to be done. At the moment only one person knows it and it taking the toll of me these last few weeks cause they finally start moving their butts and I have to do design literally 24/7 each day and everyday the same thing the deadline is the next day. Not that I can't do it but mainly fucking up the design process less time to brainstorm about special ideas, it's just doing it and getting it done on time and use standard simple ideas so it still look ok.

People need to up their game, cause this is a total shit of a workflow, even the workflow at my shit school was better and projects that need to be done in 7 weeks I always finish them in the first but atlases know be done way ahead of the deadline but can't have deadline is the next day or deadline is in 2weeks but I have a and a second project next to it each day that need to be done the next day so basically the days I can work on the bigger one is always zero cause need to finish these small shit every day. Damn it working with these guys and the pay is like shit but work pressure is high fucking welcome to hk.