Large McRib menu!

Fuck the diet for today, just finish one of the most stressful week ever and it's time for me to enjoy something. Choose the large mainly to get the free powder which gives extra taste to the fries. Have to say can't really pinpoint what the taste of the powder is like cause it's there but a bit faint to compare to something else but have to say it taste less boring than the normal fries, for the McRib is pretty much the same as the one in Europe and still too much sauce. But not sure why but the wrapping was missing on my burger normally it comes with an extra wrap cause of the sauce, so you don't dirty yourself and drip all over yourself while eating. Could be they are running out of stock cause the plain powder mixing bag was replaced by a standard takeaway bag though. Have to say the McRib is kinda boring and small I would not go for another one the next time.