Live impossible without internet?

Well I have to say its not true but mainly for the work I do it kinda sometimes seems to be impossible not to work with it, tons of times you need to Download or sent files to clients or even just for research. I somehow managed to live without actually owning internet of my own, which I mean a own modem or router. Mainly trying to find free Internet so I could work my way around it. However still several annoying factors, mostly my iPad have so little things I can do with it can't even load just simple files on it and send those over the email on my iPad. Al I can do is send files with my laptop and every time it's a race against time, cause my laptop battery life is short very short like just 30min back in the days it was few hours but in time it gone worse. But have to say I either just need Internet of my own of just get a new laptop or mac book pro!