Light shopping in SSP

Found a setup of lights with soft box for less than 500hkd but I can do max 525watt of light output with 6400k or do increasement of 125watt with 5600k. Going to test the light tonight hope I don't get blind or sunburn from it. Also it is much easier to carry around than flolights, cause it is so small when it is not used. Only thing need to carry the lightbulbs in a case cause they are fragile. Hopefully 500watt is enough, cause there is also a setup I found that can do 2100watt output of lights but that is overkill unless used for daylight shoot or night for day. However I need a power socket though cause it just have a standard hk plug, but mainly extension cord always helps to solve that, unless you are located in some deserted area then you need either a big power pack or power generator. Hopefully soon start doing my show again and will show what I bought for this setup.