All so busy!

Probably first really crazy busy day this year walking around all over hk from on location to another. Have not slept at all done all nighter to get a nice intro indent done, rebuilding a logo that was made from several layers of jpg illustration imported to illustrator and masked out so it is transparent and none outlined text. So basically only thing i got that was useful was the jpg of the logo and basically had to trace and rebuild the entire logo myself.

Meet up wit Spencer at time square to give him the works. Walked to Wan Chai for food from Causeway.

Took the ferry over from Wan Chai to Tst to try to meet up with super busy mike and did a meeting in mtr now got to go back into busy editing. And thinking about some awesome crazy stuff.

Sorry if the pictures below are not rotated correct my iPad is having more and more issues. I think apple is trying to push me to update to the new os, but have not had any time to download and update my iPad.