Hague crane/ jib

Saw this awesome vid which shows an interesting new kind of jib however they are selling this since 2010 but from most cranes I have seen this uses a totally different design as it uses a wire and also a ingenious way to control the tilt of the camera. While allot of cranes or jibs has two arms who moves along each other and keeps the camera straight and have a motorized head to move the camera. However this one uses only one arm and uses wires to control the tilt of the camera.

The cost for this jib is not that very expensive as the cheapest one for light cameras or hdslr which are lighter than 3kg, you could use the K2 version which cost only 264 pounds including VAT. However has to say the more expensive one had max of 4 to 5kg which is not much of a difference and could not really put a RED one nor a Alexa on it. With the K2 with 3KG actually be enough for allot of other camera like a Canon XA10 or any HDSLR camera or handhelds.