Life is all about planning to do your favorite things

As I've been in Hong Kong for quite a while and starting to know more local people instead of hanging out too much with expats. As expats actually do deal with the hectic lifestyle quite well and somehow they seem to have it more relax compared to Asians who are local. Also starting to know more people who work in offices or work at stores.

Actually some people have tons of time but there are also people I know who have chosen for a job cause at that moment was the quickest offer and just went with it, as they couldn't find anything which they a really liked. Sometimes they end up doing something they don't really like but at least they have a fair and steady income. Allot of them I also found having tons of excuses, why they never returned back or do their favorite thing in their free time. As allot will say they are tired when they get back home, yet on Saturday you will see them going out and party.

However they never thought about planning in that they could just use 30minutes or one hour daily or weekly, to spend on their favorite thing they could achieve allot. Cause there are allot of creative people out there who settled just for an office job instead of doing something they really wanted. What if they just searched for this free time that they actually got to work on they portfolio or design or anything which they can make a better portfolio so they can apply for the job they really liked. As back in when you went to school or college often allot of the courses are just one hour daily or per week, but at the end of the semester you do finish the whole project. So you don't need to use allot of time to achieve your goal, just need to find time for it.

As some I would understand that they would be very tired when they got back home having to face an angry boss or director the whole day and it be very tiresome and go to sleep quite early. However if you sleep early you might wake up early.

So why don't you wake up earlier or if you wake up early don't you feel you often got allot of free time and can go to work pretty relax. Cause if you are too tired after work, why not try to find some free time before work? Do your favorite thing in just one hour or just 30 min, however you need to understand you can only do this, in that time period and not to think about it while you are at work. If you somehow while at work got inspired and think about it you should only quickly note the idea down but not work it out, cause it should not be getting in the way of your work.

Also allot of people might even not have this free time, but even going to work you still need to travel, why not try to do it while you are traveling. Everybody have Internet so you can do you research while traveling, and for designers you can easily sketch in a black book or iPad or anything to make some designs.

Everybody have free time but if you say you don't it's mainly just an excuse. But even if you found this free time and you even for several times nothing came out of it, even if you tried it several days cause you got bit rusty cause you did not did design for a while it might not be your thing at all.