Look out for schemes in hk

Have to say been lately noticing a huge amount of pyramid schemes trending in hong kong it's mainly allot of people who are drawn to it and people who are stupid to believe the schemes to become rich or drawn by the happy people as most of them are people with little friend and mostly the weak geeks in the society which are allot in hong kong. When you walk in you will see allot of geeks and nerds on the bottom the guys on top be always very attractive people who are already earning allot. The huge thing is they keep on saying they earn tons of money but you have to learn you can only become rich if you started the schemes and not be on the bottom end. There are several schemes I have seen which are not bad to visit once to do networking but don't get involved and think it would work.

Allot of the medical or health products are fake even I can write tons of names and say who is who and show a piece of paper with a fancy title but doesn't mean it's all true. Allot of the products are placebo, the thing is that they do allot of things to convince you and hypnotize you into believing it would work. But the thing is I am not always that easily convinced so product I tried never works or totally are making it worse. Cause placebo never works on me.

The presentations totally do not explain allot it will say they have tons of free time and they earn allot of money. But I have to say you still have to work hard and sometimes even harder than a normal job to be able to become rich. However the thing with all of them you have to invest a pretty big amount of money before you can get either points for able to collect extra bonus or get a major discount. But when you hear you are getting 60% discount you then have to think the persons above you can still earn allot from the 40% and the major company can still earn allot. So in the end the actual production cost of the product is really low. And that why I can say its all placebo just some powder or water which does no harm, but just because people think they would become healthy it works. Some show they got less sits , yeah cause you gone out of puberty. Also you have to know if there are half a million people you are competing with in a small country like hk it's not worth to compete at all. Also only photos in the presentation do you never know if it is real or not cause nowadays everybody knows photoshop and it's easy to hire someone to do it. I never seen a video of someone actually moving showing the results.

Also there are schemes you don't even know its a schemes. They be offering a network event and you can pay money to join so you be a part of a network. But why would you pay while if you just go out and network already can build up a network for free. Some make it look fancy but you can see through them pretty fast as those network event are good to go once or twice per year with a big gap in between to meet new faces, as weekly it bound to be meeting the same group of people over and over. So don't pay for the full year package. Otherwise you would wasted a big amount of money to meet the same group of people and not be able to grow your network at all.

Look out for people who has a business card saying they work at times square at Causeway bay as it does not mean they have an office but just a mailbox. I really hate this especially when certain jobs you know they need tons of gears or need to have a big factory to do stuff or a big storage. Mainly you have to know these people are mostly fakers, they might want to cheat you into certain things and run off with the money as you cannot trace them cause they don't have a real office. So allot of things you need to check if you see someone's business card try searching if they actually do have a website or not at least would have invested in one and the search like yellow pages and especially if they say they won awards you have to search if it's all true or not via simple search on google and if nothing shows up it bound to be a faker which there are allot people. They just want to get some benefit or try out a career in something else. There are allot of people who can talk money but they might not be able to do the job at all. Also you can find out easily just by looking at the business card as specially if it looks crap however they can try to say they are good, it should not be convincing at all cause they did not have money to hire a real designer to make a nice card.

But first thing is a website which is important cause any card with no website means they are fake. A business card is cheap just 25hkd I can print out 300 of them and the printers got standard templates you can fill with informations. But a website you need to invest into a domain and also a server and of course someone who can build a website. Also if they got a site do try to notice the domain especially if the domain is same like the company it's ok but if it first totally something else like a blogspot.com/something you should not believe them cause it's a free site which they did not invest into a domain nor anything nor it's a real site.

Just be careful when you are dealing business it is good to do a quick check on your phone to find details of the company or person, if you can not find a thing it's the best to get your butt out of there.

I have to say there are fake movie makers or directors out there too as they do not know all the terminology or they just learn it from YouTube or online tut but not always know it all. The first thing is too ask for a showreel which allot will not have they would show vids they did but they could just have downloaded it. You need to clearly see a vid with they logo and it has to be a logo with a nice effect and not just showed a few sec and direct jumped to the video. So allot of effect been put in it and mot just a simple imovie or moviemaker edits. For the rest ofcourse check their website and video online, cause you can also double check the videos for if they really made it or not.