Tsing yi bridge at night shot handheld

This video is total handheld with neck strap technique to hold more steady. Cause i have been slacking with using monopods and all, so have to see if i can still be steady just handheld. And yeah was still ok but need to do this handheld filming more. Cause mainly with less gear be better, atleast won't get warned and hand do more of gorilla shooting.

No color correction, with super flat picture style and shot with daylight white balance. Also was test to film with the raw like video setting which is highlight setting in magic lantern. It actually lowers the noise in higher range iso like iso3200 would become ev1600. It also show more dynamic range however it does not make it total have no over exposure as you can see it in the shots wit the backlit billboards are over exposed. So it's not like having HDR but it does slightly improve it.

Camera: Canon EOS 550d t2i
Lens: Sigma 28mm f1.8
ISO: 800-1600 with ML highlight set on EV2.0+
Shutter: 1/30
WB: Daylight
Picture style: Superflat
Color correction: none
Rigs: none
Tripod/ monopod: none
Accessories: neckstrap