Filming the sky

Basically I adapted my steadicam to shoot towards the sky and I have to say I was shooting blind in the vid as i could not see the monitor and was actually walking way too fast. Next time I need to take my time and walk way slower and more steady and also will try do film one in the day time to see the difference.

Why I shot this angle is because I often when looking at angles I find this angle be very interesting as specially when you walk you will see big perspective changes, Also I find that not allot of people have shot this with a steadicam, its either be used with a dolly or glidetrack or on a vehicle, however if you try to do this handheld it be very hard and dangerous as you either dont see where you are walking or don't see what you are shooting. So I choose for the latter but still kinda know what I am shooting. Mainly want to use this too shoot buildings or big tall objects from this angle for corporate videos.

Camera: Canon EOS 550d
Lens: Zenitar 16mm f2.8
Steadicam: Hague MMC with diy extra parts to shoot sky angle.