Product photography!

Last week been busy doing all sort of stuff even product photography again. As I was busy helping out a catalog, we saw that the picture that the client was sending were quite low res ( website pictures) for printing. So the first thing was to get all the pictures retaken , however the thing is that I wasn't the art director so did not knew how the whole thing was handled. I though they send a pro to do the pictures.

When the pictures arrived I had to retouch them but then I saw how horrible the picture were. They had been taken with 5d but with a wide angle lens and inside a light tent, this cause that there bottles all got perspective changes and you saw the horrible reflections on the bottle of the tent.

Mainly the thing is I also own a tent but only under certain circumstances I would use it, it's not advisable to take all kinds of products with it.

So the thing was I had to rebuild the products in photoshop to remove the reflections but to rebuild every bottle took too much time plus I could not also build every bottle back to the correct perspective cause that meant even more time.

So in the end I said I can also do product photography ad have the right equipment. Below you can see the test pictures of what I took in my office of random product. As I cannot show you the product that were taken for the client yet. The pictures below were taken with Canon EOS 550d with a 135mm f2.8 Makikonen with 3points light setup.