IRONMAN 3 review

So i watched a movie which dont often do but its Ironman 3 and i have so say i like and hate it. The movie packed too many stories into one making several obsolete for further future stories. ( major spoiler alert here).

First it be odd if later want to introduce the actual Mandarin as now its been use as a fake terrorist leader who is just a drug addicted actor.

Another thing was that the original extremist story which is the main part of this movie is not the same as the original comics.

As in the original story only the main vilian be injected and later on when Stark could not defeat him and got majorly injured he went to the botanist who is working in a laboratory working on the extremist formula. Stark alters the formula so with it he has full control of his armor without having implants. While his movie messed up everything around.

Also Happy was kinda obsolete in this story as he knew what happen ans thought he would wake up to tell what happen at the explosion. As original story Happy does wear the Ironman armor from time to time to help Stark.

The movie feels like the end of Ironman as he destroyed all his armor at the end and no new armor was shown or worked on to tell the next story. Especially there are still allot of things that can happen and the world aint that safe.

For a person who dont follow Ironman Comics this be a good and great movie, with few small things and also it should had been releases in December with the overal Christmas theme going in he background as Tony played Santa giving nice toys in the end to the boy who helped him.

The extra credit footage showed shit as it was Tony telling the story to Bruce Banner. Not much of Avenger thing going on or anything about whats next.

Only cool stuff was the ammount of armors but the problem was why could Rodey not wear and use the other suits while Pepper used the mark42 in the beginning.

Also on the movie poster is showing a space suit but did not notice much of it as the heat shield armor for re-entering earths atmosphere would be able to fight against the hot extremist.