Starting to watch old movies to learn from old master of film

Watch Blade cause it was recommended by Quentin Tarantino in his top 20, its a movie by Tsui Hark released in 1995, but have to say it looks very much like a quick movie that he made with very little time and budget. As the cinematography ain't much to talk about and acting of most of the characters were not that great. The story does kinda sound like Storm riders but the setup ain't great the romance portrait in the movie isn't really noticable, its bit like Storm warriors II. As one character who both the lead guys falls in love with, just be killed by one by accident and not much done with in the story. And the world is fucked up by bandits but its way too much and un explained how it became like that. And also allot of unexplained stuff and too much easy coincidences in the story. Have to say I rather watch Storm Warriors for the special effects and cinematography as Blade does not fill any criteria to be great a film you should watch. As if you want to watch great Tsui Hark movies you should watch the "A Better Tomorrow" Trilogy shot in 1986.

I watch another film this one was recommended by Jonathan Ross a British tv presenter of Japanorama. Its a movie film in 1973 in Japan with a female protagonist, the film is called Female Yakuza Tale. Eventhough this movie has allot of nudity its not a porn movie. I know in Hong Kong there was a plan of a sort of remake of this but set in China instead of Japan and shot with people I know but never got finished. For me the original movie has a good storyline and in a sense that it could had happen and the cinematography is very amazing for something shot so long ago. It has allot of sense of perspective and playing with putting stuff in the foreground to have that out of focus. Even using a spotlight to fake the light of a candle its quite well thought of. Also allot well planned choreography as for them to avoid filming too much private parts but all well planned playing with perspective as the people look like they got stabbed by a sword but its perspective play that made it look like that as the real person be actually far away. They knew that using a tele lens they could make it look like people are standing close together but actually are far apart. I really recommend people to watch this as its quite a good film to learn and see good cinematography. Also have to say this film probably inspired Quentin Tarantino to shoot Kill Bill. But have to say you probably should explain to people, if they walk in on you watching this during one of their nude scenes.