DesignCrowd is a interesting website for start ups both as designers and companies. As for companies instead of working with a single designer who has a certain style, you can put up design contest for Logo design, webdesign and all kinds of designs which designers from all over the world can compete in. This regulate allot of designs you as a company can choose from. As it make use of crowd sourcing designers from all over the world and allot also get reviewed on their skills and also from different ages so allot of different taste and styles.

For student designers this place is great to  get your first costumer but also to hone your skills as a designer. As here you can compete but also watch other entries and learn how you could improve your design skills. As this be close to working with a real client without too many consequences. Here you just send in the design and wait and see how the contest holder likes it or want any changes. If you are interested click here or the banner below.
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