Partnerships in business

Have to say sometimes people just too greedy, even though money is something you need to have to survive and live with but some people just out there being greedy about it. For me currently working and getting the amount of money that would equal the actual work that is done is really what I feel that is great, plus my new and current work will help out people and its not all just about the money, hopefully be an entrepreneur with this new platform. Especially help out the small businesses, cause currently people like to aim high but allot of them are just greedy for the bigger budgets they could get, but often deliver something mediocre that the client just have to accept.

I have seen this since the beginning when I was still studying, it was a rich kid with parent who have all the big contacts but he was a horrible designer and got away with delivering horrible designs as his contract was made possible for him to earn allot of money even if he deliver bad designs.

I have met people who says they want to partner up but in the end they used my portfolio to get jobs or only get me involved in the deadline time which normally, most companies who hire me during those times pays me double cause I can work quick. But have to say most annoyed me was one partnership who basically lied about the money that is involved in the projects as I know the current pricing and how big the companies are. Have to say taking over 150 producs shots and all had to be retouched and also outlined, plus doing DTP work and full budget was 3000hkd seriously? Either this partner didn't knew anything about budgeting and pricing, but had to say was probably the worse person to work with as the person said we are in the deadline period and then just go party plus invite friend to hang over, while we had tons of stuff to do which in the end meant I had to handle it all.

In the end there was one job which the client talked with me about it and unsure why she invoiced the money to her account and major struggle just to even get quarter of the money and eventually not cared about the rest of the money, cause the person said I should help her with other project and then would get the money and I feel more like being tied up then actual partnership. While having done way more stuff than being paid for also. Also this partner said we partially fund some environmental group to help the world but I felt more was funding this person to go out and party around. The crazy thing was this project was 6000hkd and all I got out of it was 1500hkd while I did all the talking and work and this person only wrote the damn invoice to them. Enough about this crazy person as in the end when we split this person accused me to be stealing clients, which I did not as I never spoke to any of my clients directly and for what I know all my clients been big expat companies that she has no contact with.

Other partnerships been with a proclaiming film director but this person has no idea about budgetting and renting equipment and more. From a 20.000hkd project which should be just few days of shoot went to become several weeks plus having not look at the weather and keep going to locations to shoot under bad weather was not helping the budget. Having to reshoot a beach shot  for tons of time and eventually only got 1000hkd out of the project while seriously being under paid for the ammount of time spend and used.

However new current project I have setup a way that no matter what I would be at least paid for the things that its worth, meaning eventhough if I partner up with allot of people I get paid the right amount of money that I should be getting for my work, which should not be split into a crazy commission like 50%. Also currently with all the new things setup, I do start to talk clients directly however this is so they can benifit from getting lower prices as having anyone in between will just add more money. The new setup is just having a standard price list that people can look at but mainly people I know can also get money from giving me work not in a commission base but in a way that any money above what I they will get it, I dont have how much it is but they can get allot of money instead of a crappy commission. However I don't even want to know how much they asked for, but for what I know I'll be getting money that been worth for what I did and not be totally under paid or feel like having to work for free most of the time. Have to say to be human and in work experience you have to stumble and fall a few times, but its better to stumble alone than being kick from behind by someone who claim to be a friend but just used you for what you are really worth.