THE FIRST Full Frame Mirrorless Camera With Interchangeable Lenses!

Something people were enticipating for a long while which is the full frame mirrorless camera as the camera can get the nice FOV and DOV of a full frame camera but being less huge and also not cost you something close to a car. However its still not cheap but its more affordable, than other full frame camera's. However its not only great for photography but they also tended to the nice of the market the videographer as they also added headphone and mic jacks unlike their NEX cameras which misses those. But also build in ND inside the camera! This camera is a major game changer but I am afraid of the brand as they come out with great functions everytime but the quality of the image have always lacked. So have to wait for the reviews of it but I hope Canon would wake up and be the front runner again and step up there game in developing the next game changer.

And it has Wifi and can control it with your phone which has a open API so people can build their own app for it. Also I have tested Sony wifi apps connecting to camera and it is fast way faster than a GoPro there is only just a slight lag which I can easily work with unlike other brands. This camera sound so crazy and so amazing and cause of the E mount I could easily just put my Canon or even other lenses on to it.

If you are interested in the new Sony camera look at B&H product pages via these link which has more info and you can also already pre-order them right now!

Sony A7 Digital Camera (24MP)  
$1,698 Available for Pre-Order

Sony A7 Digital Camera with 28-70mm Lens 
$1,998 Available for Pre-Order