Videopod vs Schoulder rig

As I see more and more people are obsess by shoulder rigs but is it really that great. Allot of them cost a fortune but also you have a video pod which is not that expensive but in my eye provides you with a greater support and stable shots but is much faster and easier to setup than a shoulder rig. In this videos I am comparing the Manfrotto 560B1 and the Opteka CXS300 which both cost the same during the time I made this video. But in my opinion the Manfrotto is worth more for your money than a shoulder rig as it is more stable overall and able to do more special or interesting shots like replicating dolly in or slider like shots, which be impossible to do with the Shoulder rig. Also filming af different heights is easier with the video pod as the shoulder rig depends on your height and is you do a low show you have to kneel down to able to stand steady and do to do a low shot while the video pod can easily stand low do to the same shot and also easier to do a high shot too. As a shoulder rig really limits itself too much to your shoulders and limit your movements and angles.