DIY cage from camera accessories

In this video I am showing you how to build a cage plus why its would be useful to own one. The base cost around $35 however you can add allot of additional parts to it like a top handle or quick release, but the main purpose it so you can add allot of extra accessories to you camera plus give it a beefed up hold to able to hold the camera bit more stable and the added bonus, if you ever drop your camera, it be protected only if it falls on the cage.
As a standalone camera would only have one hotshot which means you can only fit one thing there either it be a shotgun mic or a LED light, however there be situations you would need both of them and need to shoot handheld which means you would not have a free hand to hold anything else.

Parts list:
2x $10 - Dual camera bracket
2x $6 - Sponge handle grip
2x $2 - Metal Hot Shoe Adapter

$10 - 323 Quick Release
$4 - Mini Ballhead
$1 - 1/4" bracket screw male

However its not only an affordable cage for around $35 but also acts a bit like a Fig rig having handles for you to hold the camera much better and more stable for a hand held shot.
 However being a cage it has few extra 1/4 threaded holes and also extra space for additional 1/4 bracket screws to add even more accessories to this cage. But there is also anything thing you can do which is mounting it to a camera stabiliser up side down.
 By mounting it upside down you are able to fly your stabiliser upside down however the image you get would be right side up. Being able to get a nice steady low angle moving shot, as this setup cost less than the actual accessory which would do this.
But also extra this cage can easily be disassembled so it easier to store and carry. And its a much compact  way to bring with you. But also each part can be used again for anything else or even build up for a whole different setup.