NewBlueFX Free Film Color plugin!

NewBlueFX released a free plugin for 48 Hour Film Project contestants, the Film Color which allows you to mimic certain film look through this plugin with allot of presets from Film Noir to Kodachrome and more. Well if you don't have anything else installed with your editing software like Magic Bullet Looks or any other plugin that does the same thing. Here you is your chance to get this plugin for free.
Follow this link and follow their instructions on how to get the plugin.

So I downloaded it too, so to help out here is the process to get and installing it.

  1. First click the link above and fill in the form with several detail and click Ok.
  2. Then they will send you an Email with a specific link which you need to copy and paste into your browser to open.
  3. When you did that there will be a video, but you can skip it too the end.
  4. What they will do is send you another email but when you skip the video you kinda have to wait till they send it and can take up to 10min before it reaches your email.
  5. Then there be two links, one for Windows and the other for Mac. So copy the one you need.
  6. Then you download the file and unzip for Mac or install with Windows. 
  7. For a cleaner setup choose only the Film Color and not the other stuff, which be trails you can't use after 13days.
  8. After the setup you need to open you editing software and it will be inside your plugin listing and just drag and drop the plugin onto your footage. Then inside the plugin settings you will find the activate button and press it and fill in the activation code you have gotten in the email before with the download links.
  9. Only have to fill in once to activate it, even installed for different editing software only have to activate it in one of the software.

However for better color grading, you should also make sure you get the most out of the footage by filming it as flat as possible. If you can alter the contrast or saturation of your camera you should lower it as it will increase the details and lessen the amount of clipping cause by the contrast. However if you are using a Canon DSLR camera you might want to look into installing certain special picture styles that would help your camera to get the most out of the picture. Check out our post about the C-Log a picture style which get the most out of the sky details while filming during the day.