Zwarts Producties Logo

Yesterday designed this Zwarts Producties Logo. Zwarts means black in Dutch but also is the surname of the founder Carla Zwarts. From this quite the only color should play with should be black as it has no use to make something very colourful if its called black. The message from the logo is the Z of Zwarts but also represents film as I and this company work together on film projects together. But not only represent just film but a ladder to another level. As it becomes a stepping stone to improve on and to produce higher grade works for most of the persons who is working together with this company. By combining the both I have kept the end open to make it look more like ladders and not just like pieces of film. And also in total there is 10 frames shown in total 3:4:3, this is a secret message especially for in the Netherlands. Mainly grading at school we have a 10 points system instead of alphabetical or 100points system and a grade of 10 means you scored full marks just like an A+.
The image on top is just a frame from the indent I also made for this company. As they will make allot of videos an indent will be a good thing to have and being less boring than only showing a static logo.