$20 DIY Matte box that hold Cokin P filters

Normally a Matte box that can hold filters will cost you at least more than $100, but we are now showing you how to get it one for even less. Also because a Matte Box is mounted onto your shoulder rig it means you can keep the filters setup on you rig without having to unscrew the filter every time you change lenses. Watch the video below how I show you all the parts needed and what you need to do to modify the affordable Matte box into a professional matte box that would hold filters too.

Another small thing is that a matte box is great to make people know that you are filming with a DSLR. Even though you might have rig, LED light or mic on top of your DSLR, because of the form of a DSLR allot of people still think that you are taking a picture and using a matte box you can hide the DSLR behind it so people don't mistake it.

Parts list
$15 - Matte Box
$2 - Cokin 82mm adapter
$1 - Cokin P filter holder

$2 - Cokin hood
$15 - Cokin P194 Gelatine holder
$20 - Cokin Set with ND filters

Another tip for when the flags of the Matte box start to get loose and not hold it place is to put super glue in between the joints and keep moving the flags until its fully dry. What will happen is that the glue will seep into the cracks and close the open space and give more grip to keep the flag in place.