BMCC Cage for DSLR & M4/3

The great thing about this setup is that it is small and great to use at events. Especially in combination with a monopod. And the biggest thing compared to a shoulder rig is that its way easier to film at different heights while with a shoulder rig I always felt limited with the height you can film with as its really only able to film with the camera only mounted on your shoulder. While with this setup I feel there is more flexibility filming low and mid angle shots, but also by using a monopod film from a high angle.

To find all the links to the parts to build the same setup.

$80 - Blackmagic Cinema Cage
$30 - 577 Quick Release adapter

For adding the hand strap
$5 - E2 Hand strap
$1.25 - Sling screw

To mount more accessories to the cage:
$1 - Quick release plate screw
$2 - Metal hot shoe mount
$7 - Cage hot shoe mount

Sling strap to strap the camera for
$7 - Sling Strap

Sponge grip to replace the rubber grip
$5 - Bike sponge grip