Wireless shotgun

Well actually forgot about this untill today. As I had read somehwere years ago that the only possible wireless boom mice setup was to combine a Rode NTG2 with a Sennheiser EW100 unit and that is what I did today. Its quite insane as it just gives you so much more freedom plus lessen the weight you have to carry with the cables. The only other time I made the NTG2 worked wirelessly was with a Bluetooth XLR transmitter from Carol, eventhough it is much cheaper than the sennheiser but produced most crappy sound that is not usefull. But with the Sennheiser you get great sound plus having pre amps in the transmitter and receiver enabled you to ger a good volume on the sound. While normally with the NTG2 connected to a Zoom H4N the sound is too soft while even having it amped 100%  but somehow with the extra Sennheiser you get loud and crisp sound with it. However I still need to get my hands on few things before I could do some boom operator jobs.