Gimbal Roll with Zhiyun Crane 2 + method to Gimbal Roll on other Zhiyun Cranes tutorial

In this video tutorial I am showing you 2 methods of achieving a Gimbal Roll, which you actually rotate the roll axis of the gimbal and enable Rotating the camera on its roll axis while walking. First one is done in POV mode which you go to by double tapping the mode button twice to go to FF Mode and then tap twice again for POV mode. The 2nd Method is done in FF Mode as there is a method not a lot have talked about.

Gear used to film this video:
Zhiyun Crane 2 -
Zhiyun Smooth 3 -
Sony A7rii -
Sony 28mm f2 -
Sony 075UWC -
Samsung S9+ -
Manfrotto Compact Action -
Manfrotto NX Backpack -

First method is one that is advertised as POV mode, which you need to rotate the grip by hand to rotate the camera with this movement, however this mode is only available on the Zhiyun Crane Plus and Crane 2 with an updated firmware. But after using this method a few time, I found it quite difficult to aim your camera and hold it in a straight line, as it is a full follow move which also the roll axis follow the grip movement and with both your arms are moving aim it straight constantly even with a lot of practise.

Second method is using Full Follow mode which is in my opinion much easier to achieve this Gimbal Roll shot which can be done in almost any of the Zhiyun Crane Gimbals. All you need to do is go into FF Mode and the push the joystick either left or right, this method simplifies everything much more, making easier to hold a straight shot as your hands are not moving and also have the gimbal rotate at a much more constant speed, aswell you can use your app to change the speed of the control to make it rotate slower or have someone assisting the rotation.Which of the two methods do you prefer?