Which Camera should I get as a Filmmaker?

With so many new cameras coming out soon, I feel like many filmmakers been looking incorrectly at which camera to buy. As you should not look at which is the latest or the best, but the camera you can get the most and the best jobs with. My advice is to look at local job listing of bigger film crews and see which cameras they are requesting for certain positions, as often the crews are working with certain cameras to keep the color the same, so it be easier to edit and grade in post. As also every country and location has different crew and each uses different cameras, so make a list and see which cameras you see being listed the most and that be the direction to go to. As also working with bigger crews will help you grow in experience, but also get in contact working for bigger brands. And if the crew liked working with you they can hire you for more upcoming jobs and grow along with that crew. So make your choice from the people you want to work with and not look at the next big camera.